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You can get better results with hair transplant in Turkey

Prices for Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant prices start from €1750 in Hairus Clinic

Eveything Included

We plan your hair transplant journey starting from the airport. You will stay in 5 star hotel. Transportation? Not a problem. Our driver will be with you during your visit in Turkey.

Outstanding Service

Experienced hair specialists, most advanced techniques, service in your own language, safe and sterile hospital environment and perfect result at the end.

Natural Looking

We use your own hair on hair transplant operation. Our expert hair doctor will choose the best transplant technique to give natural look.

English Speaking Doctor

Our hair specialists can speak and understand English language. Also, we provide interpreters in your native language.

Best Clinic for Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most affordable and reliable places in the world to have a hair transplant. Experience natural hair transplantation with developing technology, experienced doctors and team.

Are you losing your hair, thinning or on your way to baldness? Often the underlying cause is genetic. Another cause is male pattern baldness. At Hairus, we bring natural solutions to these problems. Although hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, it is considered a natural method. The reason why it is considered a natural procedure is that the material used is natural and part of you. The hair follicles taken from the area between the upper part of your neck and the two ears, which we call the donor area, are transferred to the areas you need with the transplantation technique.

Hairus clinic provide hair transplant in Turkey

Hairus Clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey and Istanbul. Unlike other clinics, it performs hair transplants in Turkey at hospital environment. Hair transplant patients are treated in the safe and sterile environment of the hospital.

At Hairus Clinic, the transplantation techniques used in operation meet world standards. You can have your transplantation in a natural and safe way with FUE and DHI (Choi) transplant techniques. In cases where you do not need hair transplantat, you can stop your hair loss with auxiliary treatments. With hair PRP, mesotherapy and ozone therapy, you can prevent hair loss up to 99% with natural treatment methods.

The Most Suitable Technique for Hair Transplant in Turkey

Our experienced team, especially specialized in FUE technique, enables you to regain your hair with a 99% success rate. In addition to FUE, DHI (Choi) technique can also be applied at Hairus Clinic.

FUE is the most widely used hair transplantat technique with proven success and world standards. Thanks to FUE, a higher number of hair grafts can be transplanted compared to the old hair transplantation technique FUT.

With FUT, which is an old hair transplantation method, a maximum of 2500 hair grafts can be taken from the nape area, which we call the donor area, with the surgical procedure, while this number can increase up to 5000 with FUE.

The advantages of FUE compared to FUT hair transplant technique are quite high. FUE is used in almost all hair transplant clinics as the most successful hair transplant technique.

Patients who apply for hair transplantation are operated at Hairus Clinic with the most suitable hair transplantation technique for their hair structure after a personal examination.